Nikon D5300 imgGet ready to shoot something special. With the all-new Nikon D5300 as your guide, the world of Nikon D-SLR photography just became even more exciting. Experience outstanding D-SLR image quality with 24.2 effective megapixels, an exceptionally high pixel count delivering excellent resolution and depth of detail. Take advantage of Nikon’s exclusive technological advances, such as the new EXPEED 4 image-processing engine and Picture Control. Marvel at the exquisite sharpness of NIKKOR lenses, the same lens brand favored by many professional photographers around the world. With all of these elements working together, the D5300 shoots the kind of pictures and movies you’ve always wanted to create, all while making the entire process fast and fun. Your pictures are then ready to share immediately using the built-in Wi-Fi® to connect with smart devices.
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Nikon D5300 Product Features

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nikon d5300 features

Nikon D5300 High-pixel-count sensor:

where the sharpness begins
Thanks in part to an extremely high pixel count, Nikon D5300 achieves amazingly sharp, rich details and smooth, natural skin tones. One of the main contributors to superior image quality is D5300’s newly developed cutting-edge Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor.Incredible color. Incredible detail. When it comes to preserving your most cherished memories, the D5300 delivers both.

Faithful color reproduction, low noise and fast operational speeds

Nikon D5300 expeed4The full potential of the 24.2 effective megapixels is on your side. Nikon’s new EXPEED 4 image-processing engine gives your pictures and movies exquisite color. This unique system runs through countless operations at lightning-fast speeds to produce images of exceptional quality. Expect less noise, more faithful tones and true blacks, even when shooting in low light or dimly lit interiors. Nikon’s exclusive technology also helps the D5300 achieve a standard ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 12800, and it’s extendable to an ISO 25600 equivalent (Hi 1), so you can avoid the effects of camerashake by using faster shutter speeds in low light. It also delivers outstanding color reproduction and tonal gradation at all sensitivity ranges. Even at high ISO settings, Nikon’s superior noise-reduction function realizes beautiful textures with minimized color noise. EXPEED 4 manages massive amounts of data at surprisingly high speeds, so you can enjoy uninterrupted shooting, knowing that the camera is handling all of the hard work for you.

Create personalized tone and color with Picture Control

Customize the look of your pictures and movies using Nikon’s unique Picture Control system. Choose from six settings: Standard,
Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape. Thanks to the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine’s improved color reproduction, the D5300 provides cleaner, more beautiful images. You can manually adjust sharpness or contrast, and the effects can be confirmed, even during live view.


Send your best shots with just a few simple steps

Let the picture sharing begin: the D5300 has Wi-Fi® built in. No wires or attachments are necessary —all you need is your camera and your smart device. Simply pick the images you want and they will be ready to send to your smartphone or tablet. You can also transfer images wirelessly without interrupting your shooting. No special computer skills are needed. The D5300 makes it simple to
share great shots while they’re still fresh.

Enrich your sharing experience

In addition to sharing D5300 images using Wi-Fi®, you can also tag them. With the built-in GPS, your travels are about to become even more interesting, now that you can save location information as Exif data on images, all without attachments or accessories. You can also create track logs with the location information-perfect for use when traveling. The log data can be used to display your travel route on ViewNX 2 and the map view on NIKON IMAGE SPACE, or other photo sharing websites.

Nikon D5300 Capture subjects with tack-sharp focus

Use the D5300’s 39 focus points to quickly and sharply capture moments of peak action, even when your subject isn’t in the center of the frame. The D5300 offers wide-area AF coverage and high-density focus points including 9 cross-type sensor in the center area, helping you master most focusing situations with a variety of autofocus options, such as Single-point AF, Dynamic-area AF, 3D-tracking, and Auto-area AF.

Camera intelligence for better pictures

When taking pictures, you can be sure that the D5300 will adapt to diverse shooting or lighting situations. Its incredibly accurate 2016-pixel RGB sensor collects brightness and color data that Nikon’s exclusive Scene Recognition System analyzes meticulously. Everything in your shot is then used to calculate the precise available light exposure, flash exposure, autofocus and white balance – all measured before releasing the shutter.

Freeze the moment with 5 fps

Even when shooting sports scenes or other fast-moving subjects, Nikon D5300 can easily and accurately capture the action. Its high-speed continuous shooting at approx. 5 fps delivers more opportunities to catch the right movement or expression. You can also select continuous low-speed release mode at approx. 3 fps for natural portrait shooting.

Unique angles make exceptional pictures

d5300vari-angleSometimes the best angle for a picture may not be at eye level, but with most cameras or smart devices it is difficult to compose from a high or low perspective. For truly unique points of view, try the D5300’s vari-angle LCD monitor. The wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in., approx. 1037k-dot super-sharp and bright LCD panel opens horizontally from 0° to 180° and can flip up and down from +180° to -90°. Now it’s just as easy to shoot above a crowd as it is to compose close to ground level, while still viewing the full image displayed across the
entire screen. The D5300 achieves even better contrast-AF performance during live view than previous models, constantly keeping your subject sharp through quicker, more accurate focusing movement.

Capture life’s movement easily

Leave the camcorder at home. The D5300 is also a high-performance video camera capable of Full HD D-Movies at 1920 x 1080 that
are compatible with 60p/50p. That means you get smooth, fluid recording, even with fast-moving subjects. The CMOS image sensor with 24.2 effective megapixels and the EXPEED 4 image-processing engine work together to deliver sharp movie images with low noise in any light. An authentic D-SLR design makes it easy to grip the camera and position yourself securely during handheld shooting, while the new wide vari-angle LCD monitor provides a larger image for comfortable viewing. Steady handheld shooting, minimized camera shake and a wide array of sharp, dependable NIKKOR lenses give you the recipe for unique movies – even if you have limited or no experience. If you want to do more, the D5300’s in-camera effects can give your movies a fun and creative look, while the easy-to-use in-camera editing features then help you to create clips, short films or any other creative works by combining your movies and still images.

Nikon D5300

For unique images and videos

Get more creative and enhance your pictures and movies with nine easy-to-use Special Effects. Try the new HDR Painting or Toy Camera effect features to give your images a bold, artistic touch. You can even check how the effect looks in real time on the live view monitor before you shoot.

Nikon D5300 Capture more detail in high-contrast light

When shooting where the contrast between the brightest and darkest areas is extremely high, the D5300 offers two solutions: HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Active D-Lighting. HDR delivers a more dramatic effect and works best with landscapes and other stationary subjects, while Active D-Lighting is effective with general high-contrast subject matter, including people or moving subjects, maintaining natural tone even while achieving a strong effect. Both modes allow you to select the intensity level.

Enjoy editing pictures after shooting

The D5300 is equipped with a number of in-camera editing functions that make image retouching easy. This includes a newly developed D-Lighting feature, “Portrait subjects” , which enhances the exposure of human subjects while retaining the natural ambience of a low-lit background.

Photo skills made simple

If your subject matter falls into a number of popular categories, select a Scene Mode from 16 available options. The D5300 can automatically choose the best camera settings, enabling you to get the results you’ve always wanted. Five frequently used Scene Modes, including Portrait and Landscape, can be directly selected using the mode dial. For other modes such as Sunset, Dusk/Dawn and Food, set the mode dial to SCENE and select the mode by rotating the command dial.
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